Friday, 9 December 2011

...tRuE fRiEnD...

                 A true friend is a little more than a very good friend. A true friend will support you even if it hurts his/her own interest. A true friend will understand your motives and needs and will be with you without any analysis or criticism.  A true friend will come forward to help without any request and be with us in need without showing it or expecting anything in return.  With a true friend, you can be sure that you will get help to the extent possible by him/her. Nothing will remain unturned. A mother is a true friend of her children.  In your hour of desperation, a true friend will support you even if the whole world opposes you.  A true friend is not an opportunist. A true friend means to have someone who is like mother. Instead of having hundreds of good friends, if you have a true friend, treat yourself lucky. If you can also become a true friend of someone, you will be blessed, because it is much easier for all of us to expect but very difficult to give. Be a true friend yourself first!!. 

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