Tuesday, 20 December 2011

:.E – Saving Iron.:


Nowadays, people need some invention that can save their time, easy and flexible. As an addition, energy saving will be as a bonus. So we came up with making a machine that requires all the above matter. This project we call “E – Saving Iron”. By creating this, we can save electrical energy because it can work as automatic switch. For example if user wants to quick go to somewhere, then users forget to switch off the electrical iron. So with our project it can automatically switch off that electrical iron. There is some basic equipment that will be used into this project which is the countdown timer, motion detector and the others component. To do this project we not use many cost because it just use small equipment and easy to find it.

Problem statement.

Electrical iron is an important appliance that their using to iron the clothes. In looking on nowadays people is too busy and always in hurry. Hence some people can be very careless. For example they might forget to switch off the iron. It is too dangerous it can since an unspecified incident like combustion. Also it will make our electric bill increase. Today, not have any technology that can turn off the iron switch automatically. With this technology, it can save the environment.

problem solving

Because of the problem, our group tries to find the solution to solve that problem. The solution we have to think is creating electrical iron that cans automatically turnoff when it not use. To build this project, we make some research about the equipment and the circuit that need to use. We have decided to apply a few circuits in our project. The circuits are:

   Motion detector circuit.

  Countdown timer circuit.

  AC to DC convertor circuit.


The objectives for this project are:

  To improve existing iron system.

  To make electrical iron switch off automatically.

  To avoid any unexpected combustion happen.

Scope Project

For each project, we determined a scope to help us working on the right track. Although our main project is a broaden domain and has many aspect to think, we already setting a scope for our project to guild us in right specification that have been made.

a) Hardware

Motion Detector - A pair of 40 KHz ultrasonic transducers detects moving objects or human bodies up to 10 meters. When any object is found moving in front of the transducers, the detector responds by energizing a miniature relay (LED on) for about 2 seconds. This will repeat continuously until the object stops moving. The transducers are mounted off board via 2 pairs of cables (as shown in the picture).

Countdown Timer – This counter switch on and off an electrical iron for a preset duration. The ranges are: 1 ~ 99 sec. or 1 ~ 99 min. (Note:  99 min = 1 hour 39 min). Timing unit of SEC. or MIN. can be selected.  Pressing the "Start" button the relay is on and the counter starts to count down. The 7-segment shows remaining time. When the display reaches zero, the electrical iron is off.

AC-DC Converter - A rectifier is an electrical device that converts alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC), a process known as rectification. Rectifiers have many uses including as components of power supplies and as detectors of radio signals. Rectifiers may be made of solid state diodes, vacuum tube diodes, mercury arc valves, and other components.

p/s : This is my group project for BEL20303 (ELECTRONIC DIGIT). this peoject has work successfull.

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